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Don grew up as a Montana farm boy, making his living as a rancher, a pilot, a designer-builder of horse and stock trailers, and a metal sculptor. Finally, for the last thirty years, the self-taught artist has worked as a full-time pencil illustrator, taking his inspiration from the richness of his Montana High Plains roots. He has the extraordinary ability to capture what is real and to find the spark of humor in down-to-earth situations.

His multi-dimensional subject matter includes farming, ranching, airplanes, trains, classic and antique vehicles, rodeo and family scenes. Each piece shows people at work or play. Each tells a story, conveying an emotion, not merely the visual details of stationary objects. The works come alive; you will find yourself entering into the scenes with your own personal stories.

A portfolio of our pencil sketches

Don Greytak conveys emotion and realism in his pencil sketches.

Most sketches are available to purchase in print, click here to shop now!

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